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Tower Access Vertical Lifeline Kit(Arc-Flash rated) S

  • Brand: Yates
  • Product Code: Tower Access Vertical Lifeline Kit(Arc-Flash rated) S
  • Availability: Pre-Order
3,650.00$ Ex Tax: 3,173.91$

Tower Access Vertical Lifeline Kit(Arc-Flash rated) for second man Up kit with SKU 173, Modified D 2 Stage ANSI Twistlock Steel Carabiner)

Available with SKU: 1162 DMM 2 Stage ANSI Twistlock Aluminum Carabiner can be substutited for an additional $100

YATES Tower Access Vertical Lifeline Kit contains all the components necessary to allow climbers vertical access to a structure that meets ASTM F887-05 Electric Arc-Flash rating for personal climbing equipment. Yates Vertical Life System complies with new OSHA fall protection directive for tower climbing effective April 1,2015 for 100% fall protection. Vertical Lifeline System is attached to tower by first man up allowing the secon and third man up to have 100% fall protection. Kit utilizes BlueWaters ArmorTech™ rope which is perfect for applications where improved cut resistance or heat resistance is demanded. This is a DOUBLE SHEATH rope design. The 100% Technora aramid outer sheath has superior cut resistance over regular synthetic fibers. The inner sheath is solution dyed polyester braided over a nylon core ArmorTech excels in harsh environments where cutting, grinding, welding or Arc-Flash take place. Exceptional heat resistant fiber has decomposition temperature of 934 degrees f.

This new generation of Rope Access Rope stays round under load and after extended usage allowing the backup device to travel with ease. PETZL ASAP Vertical Lifeline rope grab devise is the easiest device on the market that allows upward and downyard travel of the climber without touchng the device. NEW Yates ASAP lanyard is UL certified to meet both ASTM F887 (Arc Flash) and ANSI Z359.15-2014. YATES ASAP lanyard comes complete with DMM Captive Eye ANSI carabiner attached. VLL Kits are available with ANSI steel or aluminum carabiners. Anchor and redirect slings are made of heavy duty 12mm diameter ArmorTech rope with sewn eye termination ends and "Dry" teflon coating. Loop ends allow the rope sling to be wrapped single, double, triple or end to end depending on the particular situation. Technora sheath of this rope is much more abrasion and cut resistant than webbing. Technora is also extremelly heat resistant with a melting point above 900 degrees F. VLL Kits now come with VortexL rope bag with built in tarp to help keep rope clean while deploying the rope.

Yates Tower Access Vertical Lifeline Kit Includes:


1 - SKU: 1424-300DSE.  300 ft( optional lengths available 200, 250 etc.) ArmorTech™ 12mm" rope, sewn eye termination on both ends, with "Dry Coating". Available with single green or green/orange tracer.
2 - SKU: ASAPFRASAP. Petzl ASAP Lock with Yates ASAP lanyard.
3 - SKU: 540003FT. 12mm "Dry" ArmorTech™ Anchor 3 ft (Used for redirects)
2 - SKU: 540004FT. 12mm "Dry" ArmorTech™ Anchor 4 ft.  (Used for main anchors)
5 – SKU 173, Modified D 2 Stage ANSI Twistlock Steel Carabiner)
1 - SKU: 528411PLS. 6mm x 11" Hybrid Prusik Sewn Loop
1 - SKU 3WB. 1 lb. weight bag w/ Mini-carabiner
1 - SKU: VORTEXL. Large VORTEX Rope Bag/Tarp. Colors: blue/red and solid orange


Products specifications

Origin Made in USA
Strength 5,000 lbf. (22kN)

Made in the USA

F887 Arc Flash testing on Armortech rope (Download PDF)

F887 Arc Flash Test Report Armortech rope (Download PDF)

 UL_Logo UIAA_Logo   

Yates AS/NSZ 1891.1 Compliance report (Download the PDF)

WAPA 100% Fall Protection Standards in the USA.

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