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12mm x 4 ft. ArmorTech™ Rope Anchor Slings

  • Brand: Yates
  • Product Code: 12mm x 4ft. Dry ArmorTech™ Rope (Arc-Flash rated)
  • Availability: 1
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4 ft. x 12mm Dry-coating ArmorTech™ Rope Anchor Sling (Arc-Flash rated)

Made of heavy duty 12mm diameter ArmorTech rope with sewn eye termination ends and Teflon "Dry" Coating. Loop ends allow the rope sling to be wrapped single, double, triple or end to end depending on the particular situation. Technora sheath of this rope is much more abrasion and cut resistant than webbing. Technora is also extremelly heat resistant with a melting point above 900 degrees F. Loop to loop strength 6500 lbf. (28.8kN). Choker strength 5000 lbf. (22.2kN). Basket strength 10,000 lbf. (44.4kN). Lengths longer than 8 ft. call for pricing. ArmorTech Anchor Slings come solid Technora and a variety of single tracer colors. Tracer colors: Green, Black, Red, Green/Orange. When ordering a tracer color can be specified but not guaranteed. Yates Gear reserves the right to substitute other tracer colors on orders.

Origin Made in USA
Strength 5,000 ft-lb. (22kN)

F887 Arc Flash testing on Armortech rope (Download PDF)

F887 Arc Flash Test Report Armortech rope (Download PDF)

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Yates AS/NSZ 1891.1 Compliance report (Download the PDF)

WAPA 100% Fall Protection Standards in the USA.

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